June 2015

Episode 104: Building Confidence Through Challenges thumbnail

We discuss how challenging your dog can actually build understanding and confidence, which turn to speed and drive. The Bad Dog Agility Academy VIP Program Back on Track Dog agility is a demanding sport and can be difficult on the body, both the dog's and the human's! Back on Track specializes in dog blankets, beds

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Episode 103: Green Dog Gotchas thumbnail

We're joined this week by Brittany Schaezler for a discussion on some of the common (and not so common) mistakes we've seen our inexperienced dogs make as they begin competing. Add these items to your list of proofing and training and you'll have a few less mistakes to worry about with your next Novice dog!

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I've had several helpful light bulb moments in my dog training career. One of these moments came when a trainer made the off-handed remark that my high-drive Rottweiler was "stressing high" as she ran in a circle around the ring (also known as the zoomies) after missing a weave pole entrance. I had never heard

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