How to Use the Practice Jump thumbnail

What should you be doing with the practice jump at an agility trial? In this 1 minute video, Sponsored Athlete Jennifer Crank explains how she combines visualization with her warm up routine at the practice jump to improve her performance.

Ring Nerves, Highs and Lows, Remembering the Course thumbnail

Jennifer Crank shares some tips for calming your ring nerves, dealing with the highs and lows of agility, and remembering your course!

Thoughts on the 2016 AKC World Team Short List thumbnail

[spreadsheet updated 5/22/16 4:36 PM CST: changed medium dog Bolt WTT Std3 from green to yellow, medium dog Lilac WTT JWW2 from yellow to green, time faults now light green, course faults remain yellow]   The Short List was announced this past week, and there are some differences compared to our list of top candidates

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Imagine that you’re responsible for fielding an American team to compete at the FCI Agility World Championship (AWC), held each year on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and subsidized by the AKC. How do you ensure that you are fielding a competitive team each year? First, define the qualities of a “competitive” team.

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Was the 20” Class at 2016 AKC NAC Actually Faster Than Previous Years? thumbnail

In our Side by Side: Hops vs Gitchi article, we compared the two fastest times of all dogs at any height running in the AKC finals and specifically stated that the 20”class was the toughest 20” field seen in several years. During the finals livestream, commentators Sarah Fernandezlopez and John Nys both noted that the

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Choice Analysis: 2016 AKC NAC Finals Jump #18 thumbnail

One of the key sequences from the 2016 AKC National Agility Championship finals course was the choice at the #18 jump. The majority of handlers chose to do a full wrap there, finishing the 18-19-20 line with dog on right. A few handlers took their dogs to the other wing of 18, finishing out with

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Side by Side: Hops vs Gitchi

Side by Side: Hops vs Gitchi thumbnail

Bad Dog Agility sponsored athlete Sarah Baker and her border collie Hops capped off an outstanding weekend with their second straight AKC National Agility Championship win in the 20" class, entering the finals as the top seed and besting 343 other dogs in the toughest 20" field seen in several years. Bad Dog Agility's Esteban

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Has Agility Surpassed Conformation in the AKC? thumbnail

Not yet, but the chart below shows the steady growth of agility with a concomitant decline in conformation. Hover over any dot to see the number of entries for that year in that sport.   Source: American Kennel Club Annual Report, 2006, 2008-2014 (the Annual Report for 2007 was not available) please wait while chart

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Bad Dog Agility Goes to Westminster 2016 thumbnail

I recently competed with the golden retriever Gitchi (co-owned/trained with Susan Fraser) at the 3rd Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster that took place in New York City on Saturday, February 13, 2016, taking third place in jumpers and third place in standard, and earning a spot in the live televised 20” final as the

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