VIP 2.0: Helping People Get Better At Agility Through Online Training

"Run With Joy And Strengthen Your Bond With Your Dog" 

(Without Having To Figure It Out All On Your Own!)

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Changing the Lives of Agility Competitors

We have personally helped thousands of agility handlers and their dogs run better and enjoy our sport more!

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What Exactly is the Bad Dog Agility VIP 2.0 Membership Program?

Carole has been a VIP member since July 2017.

VIP 2.0 is a comprehensive, easy-to-use online learning experience for the dog agility enthusiast.

Yes, you are a Very Important Person to us, and we built this program so that people like you can easily begin to fix your problems, increase your knowledge, improve your performance, and deepen your relationship with your dog.

Let us show you how it works:

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    Fundamentals: Learn how to teach obstacles and execute handling maneuvers while maintaining performance in the ring.
  • Performance: Receive personalized feedback and coaching for any problem and learn about sports psychology.
  • Lifestyle: Get insider access to our special events coverage, guest interviews, and VIP-only contests and events, as well as our supportive Facebook community.

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