February 2014

In the video below, we show you a recent typical training session with our young border collie Miriya. This session is her first time to transition from threadle work in the flat to actual jumps, and every repetition is shown in order, although we've edited out the transitions (time between repetitions) to keep the video

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Episode 49: Using Differential Rewards thumbnail

In this episode, we discuss the different ways people apply positive reinforcement to their training sessions, and suggest a way to help dogs that struggle with non-reinforced repetitions. Silvia Trkman and Bu

Happy Hurdle Course 2/12/14 thumbnail

Any course with multiple 270s provides handlers with numerous handling options. In the course below, Ann Croft has designed one of the most challenging practice sequences I have ever run. For handlers who don't typically blind cross in these situations, your dog must have a strong understanding of motion, threadles, and rear crosses to be

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Episode 48: Westminster Masters Agility Championship on Live TV thumbnail

In this episode, we discuss the potential impact of Westminster's live agility broadcast on the future of our sport. Westminster Kennel Club's Masters Agility Championship Greg Louganis as analyst Our article: "The Moneymaker Effect in Dog Agility"

The Moneymaker Effect in Dog Agility

(photo by: Samantha Dillard) It’s 7:00 am on Monday morning, and I’m caring for patients at a nursing home. The television is on at the bedside when my ears perk up because I hear the words “dog” and "agility” coming from the mouth of Robin Roberts, a co-host of ABC’s nationally televised Good Morning America.

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Episode 47: Addressing Bar Knocking in Practice thumbnail

In this episode we discuss how we address bar knocking in practice. Justine Davenport's Handling Foundations

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