About Jennifer

Jennifer Crank and P!nk

I started training and showing dogs when I was five and earned my first agility title with the family sheltie when I was seven. By the time I was 17, I was running at the FCI Agility World Championship (AWC) with my sheltie Guess. Guess and I represented the United States at the AWC in 2004, 2006 and 2007, earning the individual silver medal in 2006 and individual bronze medal in 2007.

In December of 2009, I graduated from the Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in business and opened IncrediPAWS Dog Training in Ohio a month later.

In 2011, my sheltie Blaster and I won a gold medal at the inaugural World Agility Open (WAO), held in England and later that year, I married Jason. In 2013, I coached team USA at the WAO. In 2014, I ran while pregnant at both the IFCS World Championship and WAO. My son Ethan was born later that year.

In 2018, my sheltie Swift and I earned the overall silver medal at the FCI Agility World Championship. Meanwhile, my border collie P!nk won the 16″ class at Westminster for 3 straight years. In 2020, P!nk was the first non-20″ dog to be the overall winner at Westminster.

As a competitor, I have won every major agility competition in the United States, including the AKC National Agility Championship, the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster, USDAA Cynosport’s Grand Prix, Cynosport’s Steeplechase, Cynosport’s Biathlon, and UKI’s U.S. Open Masters Heats. Internationally, I am the only American to earn 3 different overall individual medals at the FCI Agility World Championship.

As an instructor, I have been teaching agility for almost twenty years. I love it when my students do well in the ring but the most rewarding part of teaching has been the shared moments of insight on the training field—those “light bulb” moments where the handler and dog figure something out. My students have also helped me because teaching them and figuring out what works for different dogs and courses has sharpened my own training and handling skills. I look forward to working with you in the BDA Academy.