2010s All-Decade Power 70

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The Power 60 is a group of the top 10 dogs in each of the 6 AKC Agility height classes (8″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, and 24″C) ranked by PowerScore. The Power 60 recognizes the fastest dogs in our sport by using average yards per second, rather than double qualifying (QQ) runs or points. Learn more about the Power 60 and the PowerScore.

The All-Decade ranking recognizes the fastest dogs during the past 10 years! This ranking includes 70 dogs rather than the usual 60 since there was a change in AKC jump heights during the decade. We have included the top 10 dogs in each of the 7 jump heights that existed during the decade (8″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, 24″C, and 26″). This ranking compares each dog’s fastest year with every other dog’s fastest year, so each ranked dog will also have a year by it.

SELECT JUMP HEIGHT: 8″ Class, 12″ Class, 16″ Class, 20″ Class, 24″ Class, 24″C Class, 26″ Class

8″ Class

 Power ScoreYearDogBreedOwnerJWW YPS# JWW QsSTD YPS# STD Qs
115.822012Masher — NAC MACH7 Livewire Its All Gravy RN MXC2 MJC3 MXP MJP2 MJPB XF T2B SWNE SWM SCEE SEEE SIAE SBAE SHDEPapillonD Fox6.08194.8716
215.702019MACH2 Aerilee’s Songbird MXG MJGPapillonB Lynch6.12574.7949
315.522018Wren — NAC MACH12 PACH Aerilee’s Like Never Before MXG3 PAD MJG3 PJD MXP3 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX XF T2B2PapillonB Lynch/J Rodriguez6.02414.7541
415.232019NAC GCH CH MACH3 Starstruck Oh My Word! MXG MJC OFPapillonA Samuels5.98484.6247
515.212019Sonata’s Pick Of The Wick MX MXJ MJB OFPapillonC Kelly5.82334.7013
615.112019MACH Pasun’s See U At The Finish Line MXB MJSPapillonJ Westover5.91304.6030
714.962017Russell Sprout AX MXJ TKNRussell TerrierD Peterson5.7754.595
814.912014Tangle — MACH2 HONEY COME QUICK MXS MJGAll American DogD Pike5.6274.648
914.842012EZ — MACH3 Spinillons Seymour MXC MJS2 NFPapillonE Leff5.96314.4417
1014.792016Sky Cowboy — MACH6 The Sky Is The Limit Elmore MXC2 MJG3 XF T2B2PapillonD Elmore/P Elmore/H Bounds5.62454.5834

12″ Class

 Power ScoreYearDogBreedOwnerJWW YPS# JWW QsSTD YPS# STD Qs
118.112019NAC MACH Quicksilver Cherry On Top MXB MJB OF T2BAll American DogA Benacquisto6.93135.598
217.312019Betterlatethannever MX MXJ MJB XF T2BShetland SheepdogM Giavoni6.76185.288
316.592018Bliss — NAC MACH3 Jib’s Just Happy To Be Here MXC MJB2Miniature PoodleC Schmidt6.43165.0815
416.292017MACH2 Sheza Mega Pixel MXS MJG XF T2BMiniature American ShepherdA Sheffield/M Myers6.35124.979
516.282019MACH Safranne’s Run Free MXB PAD MJBPoodleL Dolan6.3074.9910
616.242016Badass Cisco Kid Is A Friend Of Mine MX MXB MXJ MJB OF T2BAll American DogK Highley/S Highley6.49114.878
716.112019Kaemon — NAC MACH5 My-T-Hi Impossible Dream MXB2 PDS MJS2 PJS MFB TQX T2B3Shetland SheepdogK Kaye6.23114.949
816.082019Quicksilver Tastykake MX MXJ MJBAll American DogD SHUMATE6.14174.9714
916.052019MACH2 Absolute Silver Quirk Of Fate MXG MJC T2BMiniature PoodleR Barkhorn6.29234.8825
1016.012019Safranne’s Soul On Fire MX MXJ MJBMiniature PoodleC Schmidt6.23154.8911

16″ Class

 Power ScoreYearDogBreedOwnerJWW YPS# JWW QsSTD YPS# STD Qs
117.522017Set Phasers To Stunning MX MXB MXJ MJBBorder CollieC Fosty6.7965.365
217.422019MACH Hob Nob Rhythm And Blues MXS MJS PJD XF T2BBorder CollieL Johns/J Demello6.80135.3110
317.072019Genuine Risk MX MXS MXJ MJB XFAustralian Cattle DogA Benner/S Benner6.6775.2013
417.052018NAC MACH2 Breezyblue’s Get This Party Started MXS PAD MJB NFBorder CollieS Anderson/J Crank6.7755.148
517.032017Versa Spec MX MXJ MJB OFBorder CollieK Sittner6.5955.226
617.002019Rival’s Ali MX AXJ MXFBorder CollieA Bower6.8785.0710
716.942017MACH4 Wylie MXB2 MJB2 MXF T2BBorder CollieS Straub6.48525.2450
816.892019MACH De Ja Vu MXB MJS XFBorder CollieB Kelly6.5075.198
916.812013Smart — NAC MACH4 Excel Smart Move BN RN HSAs MXB2 MJS2 MXP MJP2 XF T2B TKPBorder CollieK Moureaux6.46445.1736
1016.722019Champy 805 MX MXJ XF CGC TKAAll American DogL Wilk6.83144.9511

20″ Class

 Power ScoreYearDogBreedOwnerJWW YPS# JWW QsSTD YPS# STD Qs
118.192019Lucky Summer Victorious Prinzess MX MXJBorder CollieP Shattuck7.0865.569
218.142017MACH Hob Nob Black Bullet MXS MJSBorder CollieM Gully7.03145.559
317.982019NAC MACH2 Cedar Veja Du MXS MJGBorder CollieJ Martin6.69135.647
417.712015Schemer — Hob Nob Perfect Schemer MX MXB MXJ MJS OF T2BBorder CollieC Schiefer/J Demello6.78175.4615
517.682017Double J Prada MX MXB MXJ MJGBorder CollieD Wessels/D Wessels6.8265.436
617.642019Starstuff’s Causing A Commotion MX MXJ MFB T2BAustralian ShepherdJ Gerhard6.68215.4810
717.632019Perfect 10’s At Long Last MX MXB MXJ MJB XF T2BBorder CollieR Brown6.72135.4614
817.612016MACH Kpbc Thom Yorke MXB MJS PJDBorder CollieN Kemna6.7185.455
917.602017MACH Hob Nob Fight The System MXB MJSBorder CollieT Vojtech6.8955.366
1017.592019Psf It Wasn’T Me MX MXB MXJ MJB XFBorder CollieM Henning6.8585.377

24″ Class

 Power ScoreYearDogBreedOwnerJWW YPS# JWW QsSTD YPS# STD Qs
117.472016MACH Topshelf’s Landshark MXS MJSBorder CollieK Moser6.6685.4011
217.172016MACH2 Outruns Just Come Natural HT MXG MJG PJD MJP T2BBorder CollieJ Lolich6.52105.3211
317.062015MACH3 All Zet A Flexible Flyer MXG MJG PJD MXF T2B TKIBorder CollieB Davis6.31115.376
417.002017NAC MACH2 Cedar Veja Du MXS MJGBorder CollieJ Martin6.29125.3610
516.902015MACH Hob Nob Fight The System MXB MJSBorder CollieT Vojtech6.5865.166
616.892014Revolution — NAC MACH2 Sagehill’s Change The World MXS MJG OFBorder CollieV Self6.8175.0410
716.882016MACH Mawlch Frodo MXB MJS NFBorder CollieD Peel6.4385.239
816.872018Scram — Bluefire’s Check Back Later MX MXS MXJ MJS MXF T2B2Border CollieR White/P White6.75115.069
916.852018Contact Point’s Obi-Wan Kenobi MX MXJ DEXBorder CollieM Badamo6.5465.158
1016.812016NAC MACH3 Ignited’s Bluebird MXG PDS MJC PJD OFBorder CollieD Shumate6.42145.2014

24″C Class

 Power ScoreYearDogBreedOwnerJWW YPS# JWW QsSTD YPS# STD Qs
117.832019Kerales Pixel Perfect MX MXB MXJ MJBBorder CollieA Pyle/L Whitney7.0375.406
217.632018Beck’s Hill Killing Me Softly MX MXJ NFBorder CollieC Sandroni6.7555.445
317.432018Lucky Summer Victorious Prinzess MX MXJBorder CollieP Shattuck6.5355.456
417.382019NAC MACH3 Ignited’s Bluebird MXG PDS MJC PJD OFBorder CollieD Shumate6.54305.4224
517.282019Hidden Valley’s All Star MX MXB MXJ NFBorder CollieL Michaels6.5255.386
617.272019Kirbee MX MXJBorder CollieJ Biggs6.4875.395
717.032019Epic CD RN AX MXJ XFBorder CollieC Ascher6.44125.308
817.012019Jungle Warfare MX MXJBorder CollieK Seiter/C Tucci6.2965.3610
916.972019Mfr Likearock MX MXJ MXF T2BBorder CollieJ Herren6.7195.138
1016.972019Ignited’s Django Dreaming Out Loud MX MXJ XFBorder CollieV Jones6.4255.2710

26″ Class

 Power ScoreYearDogBreedOwnerJWW YPS# JWW QsSTD YPS# STD Qs
117.352015Fame — MACH Speedoggie Freedom Of Expression MXS MJS MJP XFBorder CollieJ Ajoux6.7265.326
217.122015Viper — MACH4 Ignited By Daring Pleasure MXB2 PAD MJC2 PJS MFB TQX T2B2Border CollieD Hill/S Wiksten6.44105.3410
316.982014Tonic — MACH3 Ignited Sapphire Elixir MXG MJC MXP MJP XF T2BBorder CollieJ Denereaz6.64125.1710
416.952016Pace — NAC MACH4 Tempo In Motion MXB2 MJS2 MXF T2BBorder CollieD Snelleman/P Haslach6.41135.2710
516.862015MACH Hob Nob Fight The System MXB MJSBorder CollieT Vojtech6.5675.158
616.862014Scram — Bluefire’s Check Back Later MX MXS MXJ MJS MXF T2B2Border CollieR White/P White6.5665.157
716.812015MACH Topshelf’s Landshark MXS MJSBorder CollieK Moser6.42135.1914
816.762015Gitchi — MACH2 Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya MXC MJC T2BGolden RetrieverS Fraser/S Matthews/E Fernandez Lopez6.33195.2213
916.702015Caper — MACH Eyespy Escapade MXG PAD MJS PJD MXP MJP XF T2BBorder CollieM Henning6.1885.2610
1016.692015Mynx — NAC AGCH MACH26 Hidden Valley Mynx MXG6 PDB2 MJC7 PJB2 FTC2 MFB4 TQX T2B28 CAABorder CollieR Kletke/R Cohen6.3295.197

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