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Our VIP program opens just once a year—we will open registration April/May 2024. Click here to join the waiting list.

VIP members receive exclusive monthly content online including expert guest interviews, special topic presentations, small space exercises, course map analyses, slow motion run analyses done with the Coach’s Eye, bonus videos from elite guest trainers, and special challenges for prizes.

In addition to our monthly content, you will gain access to not one but several outstanding online courses. Our Individual Obstacles Course shows you how to teach all of the obstacles from the ground up. You will learn the basics of modern handling in our Foundation Handling Course. You’ll never get lost on course again after you’ve completed the Visualization Master Course. And you’ll find not just the time, but the energy, for training with our Time Management 101 course.

We’ve created a very strong and supportive community through our VIP-only Facebook group where beginners, veterans, judges, and instructors come together to share their stories, runs, training problems and successes.

The VIP program also gives you access to the very best coaching in dog agility today—you will receive personalized feedback and training recommendations directly from Sarah, Jennifer, and Esteban.

Let’s take a quick look at this month’s VIP features (you’ll see this when you login to the Academy as a VIP member):

On Demand Courses

We have two courses that are available for registration at any time for on demand learning, the Complete Guide to Tugging and Agility Foundation for Puppies and Young Dogs.  Click below for more information on each course.

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Become a Bad Dog Agility VIP Member for exclusive training tailored to you and your dog. Enjoy the motivational benefits of our supportive community of agility trainers. Transform the way you think, train, and compete. Our online VIP program opens just once a year—we are currently CLOSED for registration. Enrollment will open April/Map 2024.