October 2016

Episode 147: Susan Garrett on Dropped Bars thumbnail

Sarah and Esteban talk with Susan Garrett about helping your dog drop less bars. Susan Garrett's protocol for knocked bars, and which dogs it's appropriate for. Common training mistakes people make when addressing bar knocking. If you should be quiet when your dog is jumping. How to help your dog avoid brushing wings/uprights. How Response

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AWC Inspired Small Space Exercise: Choices and Weaves thumbnail

Today’s small space exercise starts with the #1 - #4 opening of the 2016 Agility World Championship Large Individual Jumping course. Which wrap at #2 is faster for your dog? Can you successfully keep your dog off the tunnel with either wrap at #2? The remainder of the course presents the handler with two additional

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Episode 146: Record Keeping Trick for Dog Agility thumbnail

In this podcast, Sarah and Esteban share a commonly used and free app/website for agility record keeping, including trial results and training sessions. Why you should create and use a Group in Facebook for your record keeping. What kind of information you should record/track. How to create a Group in Facebook. Who to include (and

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Small Space Exercise from AWC with Nested Drills thumbnail

Today's small space exercise comes from the 2016 Agility World Championship Medium Individual Jumping course. The opening line is preserved along with the challenging weave pole entry, all within a 70' by 40' space. Taking the weaves in the opposite direction provides a test of your dog's weave exit as well as additional tunnel/jump discriminations.

Episode 145: Course Building in Your Own Backyard thumbnail

In this podcast, Sarah and Esteban share their tips for course building in your own backyard. The size of Esteban's shoe. How to use a centerline to build your course. How much a large measuring wheel costs at Home Depot. Which spatial relationships are important to keep. How different types of jumps and bar lengths

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