Help! My dog won’t let go of the toy! (Facebook Live) thumbnail

In this episode of the Bad Dog Agility Show, Sarah shows you how to get your dog to release their tug toys quickly and happily. Many agility handlers have a great toy that their dog loves but they can't use in training because the dog never lets it go--and they often feel bad when it

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Puppy Tugging: Introducing the Two Toy Game thumbnail

In the video below, Sarah introduces 14-week-old Applejack to a variation of the 2 Toy Game. Sarah will tug with the puppy, cue a release, immediately throw the toy on release, call the puppy back to her using an identical toy, and tug with the puppy again on the second toy. This game will build

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How to Teach Your Puppy to Release a Toy in a Motivational Way thumbnail

Dog agility trainers understand the importance of developing drive in their dogs, and many utilize tugging with toys to create focus, emphasize enthusiasm, and nurture the bond between handler and dog. Yet many trainers struggle with teaching their dog to release toys in a way that doesn't dampen their enthusiasm for the game. The toy

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Retrieving and the Agility Dog

Retrieving and the Agility Dog thumbnail

In this video, Esteban highlights some key points in a retrieve and demonstrates how to combine it with start line work.

3 Step Release – Follow Up Video thumbnail

Remember our 9 week old puppy demonstrating our three step method for teaching a release while tugging? He's now one year old with a beautiful understanding of both the release and the "get it".

Puppy Tugging: Teaching the Release thumbnail

In the video below, Sarah teaches her new border collie puppy Venture to release a tug toy. Trainers will often discourage people from teaching a release to puppies because they fear it may decrease drive. These trainers will advocate either taking the toy when the dog happens to drop it, or wrestling it from their

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Tugging as Part of a Behavior Chain thumbnail

Once you've taught your dog to tug as a learned behavior, you can teach them to pick up a thrown toy and bring it to you to begin your brief tugging 'trick'. Using a clicker and treats, shape your dog to bring you the toy for a tug session. Here is a possible progression: Do

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Tugging as a Trick

Tugging as a Trick thumbnail

What do you do if you have tried and tried to get your dog to enjoy tugging as a reward and they are just not interested? One option is to switch your focus from making tugging a reward, to making tugging a cued behavior that can then earn a reward. The idea is simple; teach

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Tugging: Make Your Toy Move Like Prey thumbnail

Picture your tug toy as a furry little creature trying to escape your dog. Your tug toy will scurry back and forth, from side to side, darting and sprinting away from your dog. Sometimes, your tug toy will remain perfectly still, freezing for a moment before making a mad dash to escape. Thinking of your

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