Agility Summer Series thumbnail

In this live session we take a look at a sequence from the 2017 USDAA Northwest Regional Masters Challenge Biathlon Jumpers course. CLICK HERE for the FREE worksheet with bonus exercises

Episode 167: The Dog Agility Spectrum thumbnail

What can you do when something works for everyone else's dog but not your own? In this episode, Sarah and Esteban talk about understanding your dog's issues in the context of the agility spectrum. How many dogs earned a qualifying score in the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2016. Why you shouldn't feel like you're

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Teeter Drop Times thumbnail

How much time is your dog really losing if they don't run to the end of the teeter? View the entire Facebook Live replay here.

All About the Teeter thumbnail

Having problems with your dog's teeter? In this BDA show, Sarah and Esteban break down the performance of the teeter so you can pinpoint exactly where your dog needs improvement. We demonstrate several exercises you can do with your dog to improve their speed and confidence.

Episode 166: Get Ready for Summer with Brittany Schaezler, DVM thumbnail

In this episode, Dr. Brittany Schaezler joins the podcast to get you and your dog ready for summer. When you should stop your training sessions due to heat and fatigue. How you can cool your dog during and after training. Where dogs have sweat glands. Episode 8: Using a Camcorder in Training; Heat Stroke &

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Do You Love Serpentines? thumbnail

Confused about serpentine handling? In this BDA show, Sarah and Esteban will help you understand and execute this useful maneuver better.

How to Use the Practice Jump thumbnail

What should you be doing with the practice jump at an agility trial? In this 1 minute video, Sponsored Athlete Jennifer Crank explains how she combines visualization with her warm up routine at the practice jump to improve her performance.

Episode 165: Should You Be a Dog Agility Minimalist? thumbnail

In this episode, Sarah and Esteban explore how a minimalist approach to dog agility training can protect people from feeling overwhelmed--especially if they have a dog new to agility. Why Esteban thinks he's an agility minimalist. How minimalism can protect you from feeling overwhelmed with your new dog. How to identify the essential skills and

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How to Create DISTANCE thumbnail

Do you need to add some DISTANCE to your handling? In this episode of the Bad Dog Agility Show, Sarah and Esteban show you three different ways to create and take advantage of distance with your handling. CLICK HERE for the FREE worksheet with bonus exercises