May 2012

Tugging: Make Your Toy Move Like Prey thumbnail

Picture your tug toy as a furry little creature trying to escape your dog. Your tug toy will scurry back and forth, from side to side, darting and sprinting away from your dog. Sometimes, your tug toy will remain perfectly still, freezing for a moment before making a mad dash to escape. Thinking of your

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In this episode (39:52) Special guests Nancy Gyes, AKC World Team Coach, and Carrie DeYoung, AKC Director of Agility discuss the recently announced 2012 AKC World Agility Team. Mentioned 2012 FCI Agility World Championship 2012 World Agility Team AKC page USA World Agility Team Facebook page Buy an awesome Team USA Supporter Shirt Contact Nancy

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The serpentine, a valuable handling skill, can be taught early in your training. After introducing your dog to angled approaches, you can teach her to serpentine. In the video below, you will see my 10 month old border collie learning the skill for the first time. Below this video, a second video demonstrates the same teaching, but

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Episode 4: Short Sessions; Agility Spectators thumbnail

In this episode (11:08) Training Tip: Keep your sessions short. (Say that 10 times fast!) News Topic: We discuss agility as a spectator sport.

Tugging: Two Toy Game thumbnail

On pages 31-37 of Schutzhund Obedience: Training in Drive , Gottfried Dildei introduces the “two toy game” for developing drive in dogs. The video below demonstrates this fast-paced, intense game, which is played with two identical toys. The toys must be identical, or very similar, so that they have equal value to your dog. If you have

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Episode 3: Start Line Stays; Online Agility Classes thumbnail

In this episode (13:56) Training Tip: Taking start lines out of your agility training. News Topic: Five tips to help you pick an online agility course. Mentioned Introduce Our Next Podcast!

Enjoy a special episode dedicated to the AKC World Agility Team tryouts. In this episode (46:27) Mini Dogs at time: 01:24 Sarah and Brittany Midi Dogs at time: 08:46 Brittany and Esteban Maxi Dogs at time: 24:42 Esteban and Sarah Mentioned 2012 AKC World Agility Team tryouts AKC Agility Results agilityvet.com

Episode 1: Using a Crate During Training thumbnail

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Bad Dog Agility podcast. In this episode (14:06) Training Tip: A crate can be a very useful tool for dog agility training in a class or at home. News Topic: The upcoming 2012 AKC Agility World Team tryouts. Mentioned Dog Crates (free shipping) 2012 AKC Agility World Team

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