April 2013

Episode 35: Alternative Medicine for Agility Dogs thumbnail

In this episode (26:29) Dr. Brittany Schaezler and Dr. Jacqueline A. Doval join us to talk about alternative medicine for canine athletes. We discuss massage, laser therapy, canine acupuncture and canine chiropractic as tools we can use to keep our dogs healthy and running at their best. Mentioned Dr Brittany Schaezler and AgilityVet.com American Veterinary

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Episode 34: Retraining Your Start Line Stay in Dog Agility thumbnail

In this episode (30:34) Do you have a broken start line stay? We discuss two retraining methods, plus our thoughts on how to prevent start line problems. Mentioned our previous podcast on start lines our series of articles on start line training Sponsor AdvoAgility AdvoAgility specializes in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and

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Dog Agility Virtual Matchup: Small vs Large thumbnail

Using the Coach’s Eye, we matched up the 2013 AKC 8″ National Agility Champion Masher against the 26″ National Agility Champion Pace. Their times where separated by 0.786 seconds. Can you predict what made the difference?

Dog Agility Start Lines: the Release thumbnail

Does your dog bolt through the door or gate when you go outside or to the agility field? By building value for waiting at an open door and developing a clear release cue, you can change your dog’s behavior and strengthen your start lines in the agility ring. The video below demonstrates the quick and

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Rock Solid Start Line Stays in Dog Agility thumbnail

The key to great start lines stays in agility is reinforcement. Handler and dog are a team: the dog offers the behavior of stay, and the handler provides the toy or treat. By changing the frequency, position, and type of rewards in the face of increasing distractions, the handler/dog team can achieve impressive results.  

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