May 2013

Episode 36: The 2013 EO and AWC USA Teams thumbnail

In this episode (39:39) Special guests Nancy Gyes, AKC EO Team Coach, and Carrie DeYoung, AKC Director of Agility discuss the recently announced 2013 European Open US Team, and the 2013 FCI World Agility US Team. Mentioned 2013 European Open 2013 FCI Agility World Championship 2013 International Teams AKC page USA World Agility Team Facebook

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Body language, both position and motion, are very important parts of the cues you use in dog agility. By creating differences in body language, we can communicate more clearly with our canine partners. Take a look at the video below to see how a small change in handling can lead to a dramatic improvement in

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Teaching a Focused Start Line Stay thumbnail

Have you ever seen a dog sitting at the start line, looking around or sniffing the ground as the handler leads out? One of the reasons this might happen is that over the dog’s career, rewards have been given mostly in one of 2 situations: a release to an obstacle (after a lead out) or

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