September 19, 2016

World Championship Week – Day 1 Challenge​​​​​​​

This weekend (September 22-25) in Zaragoza, Spain, some of the best agility dogs in the world will run at the 2016 FCI Agility World Championship. All week long, we’ll be bringing you small space challenges taken from or inspired by previous Agility World Championships.

Today’s challenge comes from the 2015 AWC Team Agility Large Course (Bologna, Italy). Which wrap at #3 results in the best time for you and YOUR dog?

Exercise based on the 2015 AWC Team Agility Large Course
Exercise based on the 2015 AWC Team Agility Large Course

We also streamed this entire session LIVE on Facebook!

The FCI Agility World Championship in Spain takes place this weekend, starting on Thursday. To get you excited about the event, Bad Dog Agility is going LIVE on Facebook to run a sequence from the large dog team standard course from last year's world championship. Take a look at the course map and tell us the best way to take the #3 jump and we'll test your answer!

Posted by Bad Dog Agility on Monday, September 19, 2016

Additional Exercises

Now that you have the sequence set up, try this renumbering.

Bonus Challenge
Bonus Challenge

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