September 20, 2016

World Championship Week – Day 2 Challenge​​​​​​​

Today’s challenge comes from the 2014 AWC Team Agility Large Course (Luxembourg).

Exercise based on the 2014 AWC Team Agility Large Course

The double choice (wrap at 3, wrap at 4) gives us four interesting options to run. Do you know which is FASTEST for your dog? Can you successfully handle all four choices?

Inside Wrap at #3
Inside Wrap at #3
Outside Wrap at #3
Outside Wrap at #3

We're LIVE on Facebook with Day 2 of Agility World Championship week! We're going to test our dogs on a challenging sequence from the 2014 AWC. Which of the 4 options do YOU think is the fastest?

Posted by Bad Dog Agility on Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Dog Breed Height Path (by color) Time Offset From Best Time
Trek Sheltland Sheepdog 12″ Yellow 9.26 1.47
Red 8.07 0.28
Green 7.99 0.20
Blue 7.79 0.00
Venture Border Collie 20″ Yellow 7.26 0.44
Red 6.82 0.00
Green 6.83 0.01
Blue 6.90 0.08
Amp Border Collie 24″ Yellow 7.09 0.59
Red 6.96 0.46
Green 6.76 0.26
Blue 6.50 0.00
Miriya Border Collie 20″ Yellow 6.99 0.48
Red 6.78 0.27
Green 7.00 0.49
Blue 6.51 0.00

Additional Exercise

Now that you have the sequence set up, try this bonus exercise!

Bonus Exercise
Bonus Exercise

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