Ring Nerves, Highs and Lows, Remembering the Course thumbnail

Jennifer Crank shares some tips for calming your ring nerves, dealing with the highs and lows of agility, and remembering your course!

Upgrade Your Weave Pole Performance with These Drills thumbnail

Having problems with your weave pole performance? In this BDA show, we will show you how to proof your weave pole skills with some great exercises you can do at home. CLICK HERE for the FREE worksheet “4 Tips for Weave Pole Training”

Can Your Dog Find a BLIND Tunnel Entry? thumbnail

Can your dog find a BLIND tunnel entry? If your dog can’t (or if you’ve never heard of a blind tunnel entry), then make sure to watch this video! We have examples of blind tunnel entries with demonstrations. We also show you how to teach the basic skill to a beginner dog. CLICK HERE for

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BDA Small Space Exercise

BDA Small Space Exercise thumbnail

Try this four obstacle opening from an AKC premier course that gives you multiple dog paths and handling options! Esteban ran this exercise the week before this year’s AKC National Championship–and ran into a nearly identical opening in the Finals, where he took 3rd place with golden retriever Gitchi, just 0.76 seconds behind the winner

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3 Quick Tips for a Quicker Dog (Facebook Live) thumbnail

In this episode of the Bad Dog Agility Show, Sarah and Esteban give you three critical training tips for keeping your dog quick on the agility course. By focusing on your dog’s reinforcement rate and creating an agility Disneyland in your training field, you can give your dog the confidence and clarity they need to

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Weave Pole Entrances

Weave Pole Entrances thumbnail

When working on weave pole entrances, a lot of focus is placed on the angle of approach. A typical entry progression might look like this: However, you’ll notice that in each of these, the dog is on the OUTSIDE of the handler. The angle of entry changes, but the handler can force a line toward

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AWC Inspired Small Space Exercise: Choices and Weaves thumbnail

Today’s small space exercise starts with the #1 – #4 opening of the 2016 Agility World Championship Large Individual Jumping course. Which wrap at #2 is faster for your dog? Can you successfully keep your dog off the tunnel with either wrap at #2? The remainder of the course presents the handler with two additional

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Small Space Exercise from AWC with Nested Drills thumbnail

Today’s small space exercise comes from the 2016 Agility World Championship Medium Individual Jumping course. The opening line is preserved along with the challenging weave pole entry, all within a 70′ by 40′ space. Nested Drills Taking the weaves in the opposite direction provides a test of your dog’s weave exit as well as additional

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World Championship Week – Day 3 Challenge​​​​​​​ thumbnail

Today’s challenge comes from the 2012 AWC Team Agility Small Course (Liberec – Czech Republic). Note: We adjusted the #1 jump to provide spacing more appropriate for dogs of any size. The Agility World Championship uses a different course for each height allowing them to have tighter spacing for small dogs, and larger spacing for

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