Ring Nerves, Highs and Lows, Remembering the Course thumbnail

Jennifer Crank shares some tips for calming your ring nerves, dealing with the highs and lows of agility, and remembering your course!

Upgrade Your Weave Pole Performance with These Drills thumbnail

Having problems with your weave pole performance? In this BDA show, we will show you how to proof your weave pole skills with some great exercises you can do at home. CLICK HERE for the FREE worksheet “4 Tips for Weave Pole Training”

Reward Placement in Weave Pole Training thumbnail

Do you have to run alongside your dog “just right” when they weave or else they will make a mistake? In this video, Sponsored Athlete Jennifer Crank shares a great training tip to help you build some independence into your dog’s weaving. Jennifer is a current FCI/AKC world team member, 2017 Westminster Finalist (16″ 2nd

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Can Your Dog Find a BLIND Tunnel Entry? thumbnail

Can your dog find a BLIND tunnel entry? If your dog can’t (or if you’ve never heard of a blind tunnel entry), then make sure to watch this video! We have examples of blind tunnel entries with demonstrations. We also show you how to teach the basic skill to a beginner dog. CLICK HERE for

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Contrasting Maneuvers to Make Your Agility Amazing thumbnail

Have you ever made it through part of a course only to mess it up when the judge sends you back through the same part again, but with a small change? We’re going to show you how CONTRAST TRAINING can create a more attentive dog who goes off course less and trains more efficiently. CLICK

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A Quick Training Tip for Improving 2 On 2 Off Contact Performance thumbnail

Does your dog slowly creep down the dogwalk? One of our young border collies has been slow at trials, sometimes stopping before he reaches the 2 on 2 off position he’s been taught. This usually happens because the dog is not 100% clear on the end behavior you want from them. Watch Sarah work on

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Turn Tighter with This Key Move (Facebook Live) thumbnail

In this episode of the Bad Dog Agility Show, Esteban shares his secret for creating great turns on the agility course with small and large dog demonstrations, both live and in slow motion. Plus, he shows you how to teach the skill to your dog. The course map used for the demonstration is included below.

Help! My dog won’t let go of the toy! (Facebook Live) thumbnail

In this episode of the Bad Dog Agility Show, Sarah shows you how to get your dog to release their tug toys quickly and happily. Many agility handlers have a great toy that their dog loves but they can’t use in training because the dog never lets it go–and they often feel bad when it

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3 Quick Tips for a Quicker Dog (Facebook Live) thumbnail

In this episode of the Bad Dog Agility Show, Sarah and Esteban give you three critical training tips for keeping your dog quick on the agility course. By focusing on your dog’s reinforcement rate and creating an agility Disneyland in your training field, you can give your dog the confidence and clarity they need to

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