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Does Your Dog Check Out When You Lead Out? (Facebook Live) thumbnail

In this video, Sarah and Esteban troubleshoot a common start line problem in dog agility–the dog who looks away as soon the handler walks away from them. They show you why it happens and how you can fix it. Demonstrations include an example of the problem, fixing it with a small dog using food rewards,

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Teaching a Focused Start Line Stay thumbnail

Have you ever seen a dog sitting at the start line, looking around or sniffing the ground as the handler leads out? One of the reasons this might happen is that over the dog’s career, rewards have been given mostly in one of 2 situations: a release to an obstacle (after a lead out) or

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Dog Agility Start Lines: the Release thumbnail

Does your dog bolt through the door or gate when you go outside or to the agility field? By building value for waiting at an open door and developing a clear release cue, you can change your dog’s behavior and strengthen your start lines in the agility ring. The video below demonstrates the quick and

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Rock Solid Start Line Stays in Dog Agility thumbnail

The key to great start lines stays in agility is reinforcement. Handler and dog are a team: the dog offers the behavior of stay, and the handler provides the toy or treat. By changing the frequency, position, and type of rewards in the face of increasing distractions, the handler/dog team can achieve impressive results.  

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