Chesapeake Bay Retriever Ranking by PowerScore for 2017 Q2

The Breed Power 10 is a group of the top 10 dogs in each breed at each height ranked by PowerScore. The Breed Power 10 recognizes the fastest dogs in our sport by using average yards per second, rather than double qualifying (QQ) runs or points. Learn more about the Breed Power 10 and the PowerScore.
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20″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
111.39GCH CH Dut-Chesse Rozy’s Sweet Magnolia CDX BN RA JH AX AXJ OFJ Conroy/R Conroy4.443.48
211.36CH Sedgeblac’s Unsinkable Molly Brown CD RA MX MXJ XFK Hitt/S Hitt4.333.51

24″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
114.45Jill — MACH5 Rippling Waters Jill MXB2 MJB2 MFS TQX T2B4A Williscroft5.334.56
213.78Pond Hollow Bay Of Calais VCD3 BN RN MX MXJ XFJ Estes5.194.30
313.15Marnetts Schoolhouse Rock RN JH MX MXJ NF T2BA Monugian5.124.01
412.57GCH CH Eastern Waters’ Nuka Bay Kachemak VCD1 PCD BN RAE2 AX AXJ NF CAL Barber-Wiltse/L Wiltse4.923.83
512.06Timbercreek Acres Sunshine Of A Gem CD BN RAE MX MXJC Weil4.743.66
610.54Eastern Waters’ Makai Wind VCD1 BN RE TDX MX AXJ XFD Palmer/G Palmer/E Humer4.383.08

16″ Preferred

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
111.20MACH Bluesky’s August Eclipse CDX BN RAE MXS MJS MXPC Weil4.243.48
29.14CH Nuka Bay Tok’s Kluane Lake RE MX MXS AXJL Barber-Wiltse/L Wiltse3.552.80
38.86CH Cal-I-Co Dut-Chesse Rozy Skies CDX GO RE JH AX AXJJ Conroy/R Conroy3.482.69


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