June 6, 2019

Episode 223: Summertime Dangers for the Agility Dog

In this episode (35:19)

Dr. Schaezler joins the BDA podcast to prepare you and your dog for the dangers of summer, 2019 edition.

You will learn about the health impact of:

  • acute water intoxication
  • heat stroke
  • drinking puddles
  • drinking ocean water
  • chlorinated and salt water pools
  • hurricane prep
  • microchipping
  • encountering possums, raccoons, and cats
  • snake bites
  • eating dead or living rodents
  • hot sidewalks
  • thorns/foxtails
  • bee/wasp stings
  • thunderstorms



This podcast includes a lightly edited transcript. Note that there may be some errors in the transcription.

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