Episode 246: Should You React or Anticipate in Dog Agility?

Episode 246: Should You React or Anticipate in Dog Agility? post image

In this episode (28:22)

In this podcast, we talk about two different handler strategies: reaction and anticipation. Many times during a run, a handler will react to an action by their dog—the dog does something (good or bad) and the handler decides what to do next based on what the dog does. At other times, a handler will anticipate that their dog will do something (usually good) and make a decision BEFORE the dog acts. Confused? Listen to the podcast!

You Will Learn

  • How competitors REACT or ANTICIPATE when they run courses.
  • When you should strive to anticipate your dog’s actions on course.
  • When you should react to your dog’s actions on course.
  • How the presence of refusals shape handlers to favor reaction over anticipation.
  • The difference between a dog’s mental and physical commitment to an obstacle.



This podcast includes a lightly edited transcript. Note that there may be some errors in the transcription.

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