February 7, 2013

Episode 29: 2013 AKC National Agility Championship Preview

In this episode (46:23)

We crunched the numbers for every single dog entered in the upcoming AKC National Agility Championship. Data comes from the qualifying period for this event (12/1/2011 – 11/30/2012) and reveals several interesting trends discussed in the podcast. Don’t miss our wrap-up where we break down the results and discuss your favorite dogs and handlers!


  • There are 1385 entries.
  • Only 124 dogs jumped in more than one jump height during the qualifying year. We checked the entered height for each of these 124 dogs. Everyone else is assumed to be competing in the same height they jumped all year. This is an approximation and will not apply to all competitors, so some people will find we have compared their results to a different height class than the one they chose to enter. We have now updated the spreadsheet to reflect the jump height each competitor is competing in at the National Agility Championship.
  • Number of Dogs Entered Per Breed
  • A ranking of the breeds based on average jumpers with weaves (regular class only) over the qualifying year.
  • There are 25 dogs entered that were competing in Novice at the beginning of the qualifying year.
  • Revision 3.0: We have discovered 7 transcription errors that skew the results.  Two dogs had runs that were officially recorded at under 5 seconds.  Five dogs had runs that were listed as over 1,000 yards.  This caused these 7 dogs to have a run with over 30 yards per second, which artificially inflated their average yards per second.   This version of the spreadsheet has been recalculated with those 7 runs tossed out and the average yards per second for those dogs has been recalculated and re-ranked.  They have been highlighted in yellow with a note indicating the error.  Five dogs were in the 8″ class, however the revised ranking does not affect the top few dogs that were mentioned in the podcast.  In the 16″ height class, Taz handled by Lois Korrick moved down and Smitten handled by Melanie Miller is now the top ranked dog by Powerscore.  In 16″ Pref, Snap handled by Mary Lou Hanlon moved down to 8th in the ranking making Jammer handled by Kate Moureaux the top ranked dog by Powerscore.
  • Revision 2.0: We talked about NV as one of the top 24″ dogs. While they ran at 24″ during the year, they are a 20″ dog and will be competing in that class. Effen, a BC run by Jennifer McDonald moves into the 2nd ranked spot that NV vacated. They ran the year at 26″, but are entered in 24″ for this years nationals. Derby, a BC run by Tammy Langer, also is entered at 24″ after running the year at 26″ and they move into the fourth place spot between Ruger and Gumbo the Catahoula Leapard Dog.
  • Click Here to see the ranking spreadsheet (version 3.0).

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