​​​​Maltese Ranking by PowerScore for 2005

The Breed Power 10 is a group of the top 10 dogs in each breed at each height ranked by PowerScore. The Breed Power 10 recognizes the fastest dogs in our sport by using average yards per second, rather than double qualifying (QQ) runs or points. Learn more about the Breed Power 10 and the PowerScore.
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8″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
110.37MACH Bax’s Beat The Clock MXS MJGD Bax4.173.10
29.45MACH3 Carpe Diem Aristotle VCD2 RE MXC MJS2 NFJ Cuccinello3.662.90
38.95Brenda’s Kandu Moving Violation MX MXS MXJ MJB MXP2 MXPB MJP2B Morris3.622.67
48.50Carla’s Magnolia Blossom AX MXJ NAP OJPC Pope3.452.52
58.44CH Kandu’s Helzapoppin MX MXJ NJPB Morris/P Wanner3.282.58
68.31Winston MX MXS MXJ MJSC Harvey3.282.51
78.29Bailey Smith AX MXJB Smith3.372.46

4″ Preferred

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
18.10Tamar’s Puff In The Wind CDX RN OA OAJ AXP MJPV Nimmo3.162.47
27.72Grete Waitz For No One UD RN MX AXJ MXP2 MJP2V Nimmo2.982.37


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