Manchester Terrier Ranking by PowerScore for 2015

Manchester Terrier Ranking by PowerScore for 2015 post image

The Breed Power 10 is a group of the top 10 dogs in each breed at each height ranked by PowerScore. The Breed Power 10 recognizes the fastest dogs in our sport by using average yards per second, rather than double qualifying (QQ) runs or points. Learn more about the Breed Power 10 and the PowerScore.
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8″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
111.14MACH Maximal’s Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is MXB MJB NF T2BB Mathews-Bradshaw4.223.46
29.44Lone Star Lolita RA MX MXJ MJB CAA Wukotich3.612.91

12″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
113.46CH Medley’s Picante Morena CD RE MX MXJ MJS OFC Caridis5.224.12
212.22GCH CH Jetcity Southern Comfort MX MXJ OF T2B CAL Zaeske/K Langlois/L Nonog4.523.85
312.08CH MACH2 Spiceisle Crusader Song Of Trinity RA MXS MJG NAP NJP OFI Hetrick4.643.72
410.95GCH CH Kreuzritter A Diva For Jetcity RN MX MXJ OF T2B CAL Nonog/E Sanford3.973.49
510.34MACH Tempest The Bravo UD RE MXB MJS OF CA RATNK Meyer4.143.10
610.23Tempest The Jumping Jack CDX BN RE MX MXB MXJ MJB OF CA CGCK Meyer4.033.10
79.45MACH Saint Lazar’s Lil’ Sapphire MXB MJS OFM Matejcek3.652.90

16″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
114.90Pixel — MACH2 Emily Lucy Von Burg Uda MXS MJG NF T2B2B Mathews-Bradshaw5.724.59
214.73Speedy Star Charismatic Blue Moon MX MXJ T2BK Baer5.684.53
313.60Elle — CH MACH2 Blue Moon’s Legally Blonde MXG MJB2 XF T2BK Baer5.354.13
411.40MACH Jetcity Dragon Fire Flyz CDX RE MXB MJS XF T2B2 CAE Sperry/L Nonog4.583.41
511.28GCH CH MACH Medley’s Picante Y Sabrosa RA MXB MJS OFC Caridis4.353.46
610.63MACH Prada MXB MJS THDD McGhinnis/H McGhinnis4.283.17
710.39GCH CH MACH4 Redfern’s Super Trooper, Lights Are Gonna Find Me MXS3 MJB3 MXF MFS TQX T2B6B Boskovitch/I Diritsky3.963.21
810.27CH Ra’s Tears And Laughter RN AX MXJP Pugh/D Pugh3.933.17
99.30Fantasy’s Shudazigged RE AX AXJA Cole3.612.85

8″ Preferred

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
18.95Kcm’s Lone Ranger AX AXJ MXP MJPC Braun3.422.76
28.00Neverland’s Golden Girl CD RE AX AXJ MXP2 XF MFP CGCAS Berman/R Berman3.012.49

12″ Preferred

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
114.47Diesel — MACH3 Rocrill Fast-N-Furious MXG MJC MJP2 XF T2BB Mathews-Bradshaw5.684.39
211.37Tollchester Black Vortex CD RA AXP AJP XFPL Aksu4.423.48
310.55CH Ra’s Tears And Laughter RN AX MXJP Pugh/D Pugh4.193.18
410.21CH Caldecs Lily Of The Valley BN RE MX MXJ MXP4 MXPB MJP4 MJPB NF NFP T2BP CAXS Ramsbottom/P Calder4.063.08


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