​​​​Smooth Fox Terrier Ranking by PowerScore for 2008

The Breed Power 10 is a group of the top 10 dogs in each breed at each height ranked by PowerScore. The Breed Power 10 recognizes the fastest dogs in our sport by using average yards per second, rather than double qualifying (QQ) runs or points. Learn more about the Breed Power 10 and the PowerScore.
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12″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
111.22Gidget — MACH3 Gator’s Little Gal CD MXG MJS4 XFD Visco/R Reynolds4.443.39
29.03CH Mifox Scarlet O’Terra AX MXJ OAP OJPF Ward3.542.74
38.65Spike AX MXJ JEJ Bon3.342.66
48.56CH Cobell’s Northern Star AX MXJ OFJ Cote3.522.52

16″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
112.77MACH6 Silverglen’s Electric Shock CD RN MXB3 MJG3 MXFD Visco/R Reynolds5.193.79
212.43Hunter — CH MACH2 Ddv’s Bold Todhunter CD MXC MJG2 XF T2BD Visco/R Reynolds4.993.72
311.31MACH Tigger CD MXB MJG OFK Quigley4.523.39
410.42MACH Ddv Whatever Tim’s Mitzi MXB MJS NAP NJPT Flick/S Flick4.283.07
59.78CH Harewoods Capriole AX MXJ MJBF Taylor/G Taylor3.902.94
69.62Northern Legacy Norvin MX MXJC Terzi3.862.88

12″ Preferred

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
110.63MACH3 Flash’s Second Time Around CDX RAE MXG MJB2 MXP MJP NF NFPB Krynski4.233.20


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