​​​​Sponsor the Podcast

The Bad Dog Agility podcast is now accepting sponsors.  Each episode will include up to three sponsor time slots;  two at the beginning of the episode, and one at the end.  By sponsoring the podcast you will receive approximately 30 seconds of air time as well as a spot with links on the show post.  See this post for an example.

Why Sponsor the Podcast?

  • Targeted Audience – We have a motivated audience that is passionate about dog agility (and dog training in general).
  • Captive Audience – An audio spot is much more likely to be listened to than a print spot is to be read.
  • Be One of a Few –  We only have three spots vs other advertising venues where you would be one of many ads.
  • Two For One – Since we have a post for each podcast, you get both airtime and space on the post.  Much of our audience plays the podcast right from their browser.  Your link is just a click away; no typing or searching for your company name.
  • Long Term Visibility – Because you get a mention on the podcast page, your sponsorship will remain online permanently. When future readers discover that particular post, they will see your sponsorship.

What Does it Cost?

Pricing is per episode. We put out new episodes every week with the occasional week off. Note that the sponsor time slot at the end of the podcast is offered at a discount, however it receives the same great exposure on the podcast post.

Slot 4 Episodes 8 Episodes
After Intro $775 $1400
(save $150 over the 4 episode block)
Before Wrapup $550 $1000
(save $100 over the 4 episode block)

These rates are subject to change at any time. However, we will give our current sponsors a chance to purchase a block at the current rate before making any rate increase.

To Become a Sponsor:

If you are interested, please email us the following information:

  • The name and web address of the sponsor.
  • Any specific products you would like to highlight.
  • What time slot you are interested in and how many episodes you would like to run your sponsorship for.
  • A description of your business or product (optional).

We will work with you to create a script that you approve of before recording.

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