​​​​Swedish Vallhund Ranking by PowerScore for 2008

The Breed Power 10 is a group of the top 10 dogs in each breed at each height ranked by PowerScore. The Breed Power 10 recognizes the fastest dogs in our sport by using average yards per second, rather than double qualifying (QQ) runs or points. Learn more about the Breed Power 10 and the PowerScore.
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8″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
110.59MACH Osafin Hopes ‘N Promises RA PT MXS MJS XFM Carter/T Carter4.223.18
210.19MACH2 PACH Caval Hastig Surthjerta MXS MJS MXP4 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX OFS Megenity/K Richards4.093.05

12″ Regular

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
113.27Jente — MACH2 Skyview’s Jente MXC MJG MXP2 MJP2 XFS Megenity5.473.90
211.20Vaasa — MACH4 Osafin Vaasa Nova RE HT MXB2 MJG2 MXF MFS TQX T2BH Polhamus4.363.42
310.57MACH Sunfire Elrond Jetta MXS MJS NFL Dixwell4.233.17
410.48CH MACH Sunfire Trailblazer CD BN RE MXS MJG MXFL Glick3.863.31
510.14Rosewood’s Shalom RN MX MXJS Bird3.743.20
69.18MACH2 Caliente Picante RE MXC MJG MXP MJP MXF MFG TQX T2BK Hill/J Hill3.532.83

8″ Preferred

 Power ScoreDogOwnerJWW YPSSTD YPS
18.93CH Osafin Blaze To Glory RE MXP AJP OFPI Underdahl/D Underdahl3.242.84
28.14Apollo — PACH6 Nycalo Apollo Thor Singleton CDX GO MXP16 MXPS2 MJP17 MJPG2 PAX6 MFPB TQXP T2BP3M Singleton3.262.44


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