​​​​Top Podcasts for Starter Teams

May 18th, dozens of Starters teams will be competing at the Spring Extravaganza Trial in Morgan Hill, California. In honor of these Starter dogs and handlers, we’ve compiled a list of podcasts perfect for the beginning team!

  • Preparing for Your Novice Debut: In this episode, we discuss tips for creating a successful agility debut for your dog.
  • The Path From Your First Run To Your First Q: In this episode, we discuss common Novice patterns and how you can recognize your success even when you aren’t qualifying.
  • Green Dog Gotchas: We’re joined this week by Brittany Schaezler for a discussion on some of the common (and not so common) mistakes we’ve seen our inexperienced dogs make as they begin competing.
  • How to Generalize Behaviors with Your Novice Dog: We discuss generalization and proofing in dog agility training, two related but different concepts.
  • The Myth of the Ring-Wise Dog: Have you been told you have a ring-wise dog? In this podcast we discuss why we believe that most dogs labelled “ring-wise” actually aren’t, and why this is a very good things for agility competitors.
  • A Newcomer’s Guide to Handling Systems: We discuss agility handling systems while comparing dog agility with other competitive non-dog sports.
  • Three Aspects of Agility Training: In this podcast, we discuss how the sport of dog agility involves much more than just handling. This is the first in a series of four podcasts targeting beginner agility handlers (and the instructors who coach them).
  • Handler Muscle Memory for Dog Agility: In this episode, Sarah and Esteban apply the concept of “muscle memory” to dog agility. They talk about how it works, why it’s important, and how you can use it to your advantage.
  • How to Work Through Mistakes in Your Agility Training: In this episode, Sarah and Esteban share some thoughts on the exact steps they take when the dog makes a mistake in agility training.

Attention AKC Competitors