We showed you the usefulness of the 270-Serpentine maneuver in another article, but we didn’t show you how to teach it to the novice dog from the ground up. As you might have guessed, your dog must have a basic understanding of angled approaches and serpentine handling before you can teach this advanced skill. After

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After teaching your dog to take a single jump, you can change the angle of approach, varying your position from 1 through 6, as shown below. This exercise comes fromĀ  “Your Handling at Severe Angles” on page 271 of Agility Right from the Start by Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh, an excellent agility foundation

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Combination: 270 + Serpentine

The diagram below shows a common sequence often seen at national and international competitions. While there are three general ways to handle this, most people will opt for a front cross between 1 and 2.   However, a tricky judge will often place several off course traps between the 2nd and 3rd obstacles. In this

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