September 2012

Episode 17: FCI World Agility Championship Preview thumbnail

In this episode (19:47) We give a short preview of every country competing in the 2012 FCI World Agility Championship. Mentioned The 2012 FCI World Agility Championship official site. EO2012 Silvia Trkman & Bu(1st) vs. Polona Bonac & Kiša(2nd) Large Dog Final Overlay Video Day 2 Wrap-Up Podcast, Day 1 Wrap-Up Podcast Video Streaming provided

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The winning run in the large dog final at the 2012 European Open featured an impressive threadle-rear cross combination by Silvia Trkman at a critical place on course, shown below. In this article, we present two different ways to handle this type of sequence. The essence of the challenge is shown in the diagram below.

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Episode 16: Kathy Sdao Interview – Part 2 thumbnail

In this episode (37:34) This is a continuation of our interview with Kathy Sdao. Click Here for Part 1. We talk about setting speed as your criteria, differential rewards, and Kathy’s new book Plenty in Life is Free. Mentioned Clicker Expo Eva Bertilsson & Emelie Johnson Vegh and their book Agility Right from the Start

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Threadle thumbnail

A Threadle is a maneuver where the dog takes an obstacle, then comes between two obstacles to take the next obstacle in the same direction. http://youtu.be/k-QqJClDymg


Serpentine thumbnail

The Serpentine is a sequence of three obstacles that the dog takes in a wave pattern (over one jump, 180 degrees over one jump, 180 degrees over one jump). Serpentine handling refers to a handling maneuver for this sequence in which the handler stays on the take-off side of jump one throughout the sequence (see

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Ketschker thumbnail

The Ketschker is a combination maneuver where the handler cues a front cross at an obstacle, and then as the dog commits to the obstacle, executes a blind cross. It is primarily used to get a tight wrap around a jump. http://youtu.be/UoHyxnPMD6g Demonstrated by Daisy Peel.

Blind Cross

Blind Cross thumbnail

A Blind Cross is a maneuver in which you change handling sides in front of your dog. The side change happens by quickly turning your back on your dog. This is in contrast to the Front Cross. http://youtu.be/JxYB4Agn8D8 Demonstrated by Daisy Peel.

Episode 15: Kathy Sdao Interview – Part 1 thumbnail

In this episode (32:11) We welcome Kathy Sdao to the podcast. Time to talk science, operant conditioning, classical conditioning, and cuing. This is part 1 of the interview, you can listen to part 2 here. Mentioned Clicker Expo The four quadrants of Operant Conditioning. What is a Venn diagram? Wonk : a person preoccupied with

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In the September 2012 issue of Clean Run, Nancy Gyes wrote the article “Power Paws Drills: International Trends” that featured the opening of a course by Dutch agility judge Kees Stoel, with variations for handlers to practice. The original 6 obstacle opening is shown below: We tried several different handling options for this sequence in

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