Threadle-Rear Cross vs Push Through

The winning run in the large dog final at the 2012 European Open featured an impressive threadle-rear cross combination by Silvia Trkman at a critical place on course, shown below.

Tricky section of EO2012 Large Dogs Finals Course

EO 2012 Large Dogs Finals

In this article, we present two different ways to handle this type of sequence. The essence of the challenge is shown in the diagram below.

4 obstacle sequence

Handling Challenge

Many handlers will opt for the push through, which is essentially a front cross followed by a 270 on this type of sequence. The name of the maneuver comes from pushing your dog through the gap to take the correct side of the jump. Unfortunately, the handler can’t always get far enough ahead of the dog to execute a proper front cross. In these situations, the threadle-rear cross can be used without any loss of time. See the video below.

Practice both maneuvers and happy training!

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