Handling Options for Premier Jumpers Opening thumbnail

Here’s an interesting small space setup; Esteban, Brittany Schaezler and I were all at this trial, and we all independently chose different handling options for #1-#4. In a trial setting, you may consider multiple handling options, but during your run, you only get to try one! Small space exercises allow you to try different options.

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Section from Round 1 of the 2017 AKC World Team Tryouts thumbnail

Sarah takes her young border collie Venture through 5 different options for a tough sequence taken from Round 1 of the 2017 AKC/FCI World Team Tryouts.

Serpentine, Threadle, Backside Drill thumbnail

We couldn’t get this on the first try. Can you?

Contrasting Maneuvers to Make Your Agility Amazing thumbnail

Have you ever made it through part of a course only to mess it up when the judge sends you back through the same part again, but with a small change? We’re going to show you how CONTRAST TRAINING can create a more attentive dog who goes off course less and trains more efficiently. CLICK

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Handling Practice with Two Jumps thumbnail

Recently, I designed a sequence that I could use to test my dog’s ability to keep up 26″ jumps with a variety of handling. I specifically wanted a sequence that I could set up quickly and easily for “work for your dinner” practice. I ended up with a 9 obstacle sequence that uses only 2

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Masters Challenge Inspired Exercises thumbnail

We recently encountered the following sequence in a USDAA Masters Challenge course. Having a bypass cue is very handy in these situations. In addition, this sequence adds some complexity by requiring a tunnel discrimination immediately after the off course trap. We tried this sequence both with and without the off course jump and to both

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CKC Practice Sequences

CKC Practice Sequences thumbnail

There are 4 weeks left before the American Kennel Club International Team Tryouts in Minnesota, so over the next months, we’re going to share some of the handling that we’re reviewing in preparation for the event. Esteban reverse engineered this jumpers course from a video taken at the Canadian Kennel Club tryouts that took place

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AKC Premier Class Challenge: The Inverted Pinwheel thumbnail

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has been developing a new Premier Class that will emphasize international handling elements like threadles, 270s, forced layering, longer distances between obstacles, and bi-directional jumps/tunnels. Various clubs have offered the class as a demonstration, and one of them mentioned the use of inverted pinwheels. Many people, including us, had never

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Tunnel Discrimination and Bypass Test thumbnail

Here’s a great little setup we used to test our dog’s understanding of tunnel discriminations (handled with a threadle cue) and bypassing the tunnel all together. By working all these options in a single session, we ensure that our cues are distinct enough for our dog to understand and test whether or not they truly

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