October 5, 2015

Handling Practice with Two Jumps

Recently, I designed a sequence that I could use to test my dog’s ability to keep up 26″ jumps with a variety of handling. I specifically wanted a sequence that I could set up quickly and easily for “work for your dinner” practice. I ended up with a 9 obstacle sequence that uses only 2 jumps and about 20′ by 30′ of space.

Two Jump Workout
Two Jump Workout

While you could certainly handle this sequence as numbered without the need for some of the crosses and threadles, I constructed the following handling to test my dog’s understanding and ability to keep the bar up.

  • Decel Wrap – Front Cross #2
  • Backside Push #3 to Front Cross #4
  • Decel Wrap – Post Turn #4
  • Decel Wrap – Front Cross #5
  • Backside Push #6 to Front Cross to Threadle Rear Cross #7
  • Backside Push #8 to Front Cross to Same Side Threadle #8

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  • Thanks so much for this post. This is been a great exercise for me as well as my dog. I am still breaking it down into two and three jump segments. For a newbie to agility, this is been a great exercise for me to rewind and watch your turns and body placement, then going try to do it myself. Thanks !

  • Fun! You can even start changing the angles and positions of the jumps to give different approaches. A great way to get your feet moving!

  • Thank you! I only have a small space to practice and am often not sure what to do next. Would have loved to see this in slo-mo too!

  • Love it. That is exactly how much space I have right now. Perfect for a quick ” work for your dinner”. Thank you!!

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