Handling Options for Premier Jumpers Opening

Here’s an interesting small space setup; Esteban, Brittany Schaezler and I were all at this trial, and we all independently chose different handling options for #1-#4.

In a trial setting, you may consider multiple handling options, but during your run, you only get to try one! Small space exercises allow you to try different options. You may find that your first choice was not the smoothest. You WILL find that over time, you gain the confidence to choose between multiple good options to find the best one for you, your dog, and the flow of the course.

Our invitational prep course is designed around running key sequences with multiple handling options to find what works best for you and your dog, to improve your handling skills where you are weak, and to use course analysis to choose the best option at your next trial.

You can register today for 5 rounds of small space exercises with demonstrations and analysis, course analysis, mental preparation, and optional personal feedback.

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