Bad Dog Agility’s 2019 Westminster Wrap-Up thumbnail

We have collected the course maps and results and archived them here so you can find them easily. On Saturday, February 9, 2019, over 300 dogs competed at the 6th Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster and Bad Dog Agility was there to see it (and compete in it). The event was held at Pier

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Good Advice from the Horse World?

Good Advice from the Horse World? thumbnail

Annette Paterakis’ article “What Separates Mentally Strong Riders From the Rest of the Pack: Ten Habits You Should Adopt Now” is currently making its way through the dog agility world, and for good reason—the article lists 10 striking characteristics of “mentally strong riders” that separate them from everyone else. Annette is a former equestrian competitor

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How many points does it take to go to the AKC Invitational? thumbnail

It depends. For 2018, the answer is somewhere between 1 and 4,547 points. For the Invitational, the top 5 dogs plus the top preferred height dog in each breed are invited to compete, with rankings based on a points system. If you run 30 seconds under course time, you will gain 30 points. In additional,

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How to Help Your Agility Dog Get It Right thumbnail

You are running a sequence when your dog makes a mistake. What now? First, you need to know if your handling was correct. A training partner can help by giving you immediate feedback on your timing and position. If you don’t have a training partner, you should videotape your training session so you can review

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How Committed Are You?

How Committed Are You? thumbnail

“Wait until your dog is committed to the obstacle before you move.” “Your dog needs better commitment.” Commitment is a huge buzzword in dog agility but what exactly does it mean? Imagine that you’re invited to a 4th of July cookout and you must RSVP to attend. You confirm by email, buy some groceries to

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Play Before Work

Play Before Work thumbnail

You know you need a good reinforcer. And you know that playing with toys has great benefits specific to the sport of dog agility. For most handlers, toys are easier to throw, carry, and manage on course than food. Tugging is a complex skill made up of several different parts, and just like training weaves

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Having Trouble with the Table? thumbnail

Handlers rarely spend enough time and energy training the table. I know that many competitors, like Esteban, believe the table no longer has any relevance to the sport of agility. But for now the table is a legal obstacle in many organizations (yes, even in the FCI) and with a little work, we can turn

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I spent a decade in confusion when it came to agility world teams. Seminars and classrooms were full of “former world team members”.As I gained experience I came to realize that there were multiple international events and multiple teams from the USA. But it took several more years of living and breathing the sport before

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Esteban’s Tugging and Jennifer’s Food Routine for a Dog Agility Run thumbnail

When does your agility run start? My run starts when my dog is next in line to run. I cue her to tug when the dog in front of us is halfway done, and I enter the ring as instructed by the gate steward, crossing through a magical barrier that separates the agility ring from

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