CKC Practice Sequences

Portion of a CKC Tryouts Course (rebuilt from video)

Which way should you take jump #4?

There are 4 weeks left before the American Kennel Club International Team Tryouts in Minnesota, so over the next months, we’re going to share some of the handling that we’re reviewing in preparation for the event. Esteban reverse engineered this jumpers course from a video taken at the Canadian Kennel Club tryouts that took place a few weeks ago. Here, we focus on the backside at jump #4, asking which path is the fastest. Run your dog both ways over #4 and compare your times. Watch the video below for a quick demo and some comparisons. Below those videos, we’ve included 3 additional renumberings below.┬áKeep your sessions short and your reinforcement rate high. Good luck!



Additional Exercises




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