April 26, 2021

Challenge Accepted!

Last week, Esteban gave me and my border collie Venture a handling challenge. We got this in one take, with no practice, no breaks, and no editing. You can make it easier by moving the jumps farther apart, training over multiple sessions, and using simple behaviors for treats/toys in between attempts to keep your dog’s motivation high.

Now it’s your turn. Can you get your dog through this handling challenge? Don’t forget to FLEX at the end when you get them all!

  • Right Jump
  • Left Jump
  • Wrap with Front Cross
  • Through the Gap Push to Backside
  • Through the Gap Threadle to Backside
  • 180
  • Threadle
  • Wrap-Post Turn (with bypass)

This challenge is a great example of overtraining, which means taking on a sequence that is beyond what you typically see on an agility course. With this kind of advanced proofing, you can test your dog’s understanding and boost your own confidence.

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