June 2013

Episode 38: Tips for Retraining Your Agility Dog thumbnail

In this episode (21:22) We discuss the effect reinforcement history has when changing handling systems, contact performance, start line stays, and more. Mentioned Our podcast on retraining your start line stay Sponsor AdvoAgility AdvoAgility specializes in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance for the human half of your agility team. Take

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Dogs That Split the Difference thumbnail

When faced with a choice on course, many dogs will choose to “split the difference”, meaning the dog will head somewhere in between the two choices while they wait for the handler to provide additional information. Dogs that split the difference are trying very hard to be right. Rather than guess wrong, they delay, possibly

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Puppy Tugging: Teaching the Release thumbnail

In the video below, Sarah teaches her new border collie puppy Venture to release a tug toy. Trainers will often discourage people from teaching a release to puppies because they fear it may decrease drive. These trainers will advocate either taking the toy when the dog happens to drop it, or wrestling it from their

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Course Analysis: Comparison of Dog Paths in Agility thumbnail

In the video below, we apply Greg Derrett’s 3 step method for comparing dog paths on the agility course (as outlined in his DVD On Course to Excel). Take a look at the first four obstacles below–which way will you turn your dog after jump #3? After you’ve decided, watch the video below the course

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Episode 37: Constructive Criticism vs Demonization thumbnail

In this episode (42:14) Suzanne Clothier joins the podcast to discuss her blog article “When Sport Becomes Abuse” and the dog agility video that inspired her writing. Mentioned The AKC’s Canine Sport Initiative – “Sports-related injuries in dogs are an emerging field of study, and CHF is committed to being on the forefront, providing grants

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