June 5, 2013

Episode 37: Constructive Criticism vs Demonization

In this episode (42:14)

Suzanne Clothier joins the podcast to discuss her blog article “When Sport Becomes Abuse” and the dog agility video that inspired her writing.


  • The AKC’s Canine Sport Initiative – “Sports-related injuries in dogs are an emerging field of study, and CHF is committed to being on the forefront, providing grants for cutting-edge research into orthopedic concerns, proper nutrition and conditioning to achieve maximum performance while preventing injury, and innovative rehabilitation techniques. Through the Initiative, CHF is establishing the Canine Athlete Fund to award grants to researchers working in this emerging veterinary field.”
  • This podcast is part of Dog Agility Blogger Action Day with the topic “Improving Agility Organizations”.
  • Suzanne Clothier’s blog article: “When Sport Becomes Abuse
  • Suzanne Clothier’s Facebook Page
  • Page 33 of the AKC Agility Judges Guidelines: Review of Ring – You must check ring dimensions with the calibrated measuring wheel to verify usable square footage, any obstructions and where the ring openings are located to make sure the courses will work efficiently, including any ring gating that may infringe upon the course area . Also, go over the running surface to find any areas that may require attention or repair . Any deficiencies in the running surface or ring conditions should immediately be brought to the attention of the trial chairman, trial committee or chief course builder so that they may be corrected . If the deficiencies cannot be corrected, the judge will note this on the AKC marked catalogue and the Judge’s Report to the Director of Agility . The judge should then proceed to judge the class, under the deficient conditions . In extreme cases when the deficiencies, in the opinion of the judge, are of such major proportion that it is possible that they may affect the dog’s performance or safety, the judge must brief exhibitors as to the specific deficient conditions .

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