September 2013

Bad Dog Agility and AgilityNerd: Where Amazing Happens thumbnail

Steve Schwarz over at Agility Nerd has designed a great practice course based on the 2013 IFCS Championship of the Americas Biathlon Jumping course. Sarah and I agreed to analyze the course, run it, analyze our run, and include a link to Steve’s analysis in our post. In his blog, Steve notes that he has

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When do Agility Dogs Peak? thumbnail

The topic for this Dog Agility Blogger Action Day is aging, and we are focusing on the natural trajectory of a dog’s speed over a career. We selected several fast, consistent, notable golden retrievers from the past and present and plotted their yards-per-second (YPS) in jumpers with weaves (JWW) over time. Susie (Jane Simmons-Moake) –

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