Bad Dog Agility and AgilityNerd: Where Amazing Happens

Steve Schwarz over at Agility Nerd has designed a great practice course based on the 2013 IFCS Championship of the Americas Biathlon Jumping course. Sarah and I agreed to analyze the course, run it, analyze our run, and include a link to Steve’s analysis in our post. In his blog, Steve notes that he has been largely influenced by Linda Mecklenburg, while Sarah and I are enthralled with the handsome ginger cat Greg Derrett. Hopefully, our audiences will be able to gain some insight into their own handling by watching how two different agility thinkers break down the same course. We provide you with an analysis of Sarah’s run, as well as a course map analysis for people who want to see how we break down course maps.

Sarah’s run with Rook, including analysis, can be found in the video below.

Our course map analysis can be found in the video below.

Now that you’ve seen how we tackled this course, be sure to visit the Agility Nerd’s blog post.

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