July 2014

Episode 64: The Benefits of an Abundance Mindset thumbnail

In this episode (20:51) We discuss applications of the abundance mindset to different aspects of dog agility including handling systems, multiple dog households, and organizations like AKC and USDAA. Mentioned Stephen R. Covey’s Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Our previous podcast on Westminster Masters Agility Championship This podcast is about the abundance

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Episode 63: A Newcomer’s Guide to Handling Systems thumbnail

In this episode (32:48) We discuss agility handling systems while comparing dog agility with other competitive non-dog sports. Sponsor Back on Track Dog agility is a demanding sport and can be difficult on the body, both the dog’s and the human’s! Back on Track specializes in dog blankets, beds and wraps that keep muscles warm

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Contrasting Sequences thumbnail

This week, I worked my youngster on this nice little practice sequence. The layout gave me the chance to work on several different skills and test Venture’s understanding with contrasting sequences. The weaves were set up for other dogs and could be incorporated into the sequences as well, but my young dog is still working

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Episode 62: Celebrating 20 Years of AKC Agility thumbnail

In this episode (26:54) The 20th anniversary of AKC Agility is coming up with a celebration planned for the Reliant trial in Houston, Tx in a few weeks. In this podcast, we take a trip down memory lane with former Director of AKC Agility Sharon Anderson and current Director of AKC Agility Carrie DeYoung. Mentioned

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