April 2020

Episode 250: Is Your Dog Agility “Good Enough” thumbnail

In this episode (30:35) In this podcast, we discuss the paradox of choice and the idea of “good enough” as a way to organize your dog agility training. You Will Learn How more choices can lead to less satisfaction. Why perfectionism paralyzes you. How you can use the concept of “good enough” to better you

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Small Space Training – April 23rd, 2020 thumbnail

In this live session we take a look at a sequence with a difficult off course tunnel trap. CLICK HERE for the map with bonus exercises Facebook Live Replay https://youtu.be/UbWX3Zl02Js Demo Only https://youtu.be/pfqCG-H0MWA

How to Course Build in Your Own Backyard thumbnail

Many handlers around the world are setting up sequences in their own backyards and struggling to build quickly and accurately. In this live session Sarah Fernandezlopez builds a small space sequence in real time walking you through how she determines the distances and angles for each obstacle. CLICK HERE for Course Maps PLUS Measuring Resources

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Episode 249: Agility Relief with Anthony Clarke thumbnail

In this episode (20:40) In this podcast, Anthony Clarke joins the podcast to talk about this week’s 4-day charity event called #AgilityRelief. You Will Learn Why Anthony created this 4-day event. Which charities will be supported. How the challenges are structured. How podcast co-host Jennifer Crank will be involved. How YOU can participate! Mentioned/Related Agility

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Episode 248: How Should We Train During the COVID Pandemic? thumbnail

In this episode (26:25) In this podcast, we talk about how you can structure your training during this time of cancelled trials and group classes. You Will Learn Why you should give yourself permission to take time off right now.How a daily schedule can help your mental state. How you can shift from event based

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Why Your Dog Performs Better at Home Than at Trials thumbnail

In this live session, Sarah Fernandezlopez explains why thinking of a dog behavior as “trained” or “untrained” can hold you back in your training. Instead, she discusses how you can “graph” your dog’s skills to understand why behaviors break down in different trial settings. She also shares multiple strategies for getting the same performance in

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Using the Treat and Train thumbnail

In this live session Jennifer Crank discusses how to use the Treat and Train to teach stationing, strengthen contacts and weaves, and test verbals. CLICK HERE for the FREE PDF Summary PLUS Tuna Treat Recipe Facebook Live Replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBRF-nCWbIU Demos Only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKBZPdRJ7GA

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