April 12, 2023

April 12th, 2023 Wednesday Wrap Up (cool kids, malinois)

On Last Week’s Episode…
Readers were quick to point out that alcohol is an integral part of dog agility culture for many people, at least here in the United States. Handlers don’t drink to forget about bad runs, but to celebrate their runs, their dogs, and their friends! At the end of a long day of agility, handlers are rewarded with social interaction, and this has undoubtedly been a driving force in the popularity of the sport. I’m not a drinker, but I get similar results with extravagant desserts.

I asked ChatGPT for some numbers, and got this response:

“There is no specific data available on the percentage of dog agility handlers who consume alcohol on a trial day. The consumption of alcohol at such events would likely depend on the individual, the event’s rules, and the culture surrounding the event. It is generally recommended to avoid consuming alcohol while handling dogs, as it could impair judgment, coordination, and communication with the dog, thus potentially affecting the dog’s safety and performance.”

Several readers were intrigued with Beer Bike as a college tradition, so I’d like them to enjoy this 96 second video that Rice University shared a few days ago:

[VIDEO]: 66th annual Beer Bike rolls through campus

7 Slang Words/Phrases My Kids Use
Isaac is 18 and Hannah just turned 13, and sometimes they speak an entirely different language from me and Sarah. Here are 7 of their most commonly used words and phrases, with definitions and agility-related examples. Let me know how many of these you know!

“Sus.” Anyone or anything that is suspicious. “My dog thinks the bar setter is sus.”

“That’s cap!” That’s not true or you’re exaggerating. You tell your friend that your dog never misses a contact in practice, but your instructor is standing behind you and says, “That’s cap!”

“Get wrecked.” Said in a moment of triumph over another person, often in a toxic way. Your mortal enemy goes off course and you exclaim, “Get wrecked!”

“That’s cringe.” When someone says or does something so dumb or embarrassing that it creates a visceral reaction of disgust. You see someone pushing their dog in a stroller and mutter to your friend, “That’s cringe.”

“Slay!” Awesome! When your bestie has a great agility run, you yell “Slay!” at the finish.

“_____ challenge? Literally impossible!” An exaggeration of someone’s inability to do something. A handler might exclaim loudly mid-run, “My dog keep a bar up challenge? Literally impossible!”

“W Rizz. L Rizz.” Rizz is short for charisma. W is for Win and L is for Lose. So W Rizz is good and L Rizz is bad. When your dog humps another dog, W Rizz. When your dog tries to hump another dog but gets snapped at, L Rizz.

We did it! We got one. He’s here. He’s small. He’s a mama’s boy. He’s six months old and we love him. Slay!

[VIDEO]: Scoopy Scoop

Email me at team@baddogagility.com and let me know if you’re keeping up with what the kids are talking about these days! And yes, the Crufts review is coming. Talk about Crufts in a timely manner? Literally impossible!

Happy Training,

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