Comparison of Handler Paths on Rear Crosses

Many people believe that aggressive handling with fast-running front crosses produces the fastest agility runs. However, there are many times when you will not be able to put yourself in a good position for a front cross, but  can use a rear cross without any loss in time. A good rear cross has many components; in this article, we examine the effect that handler path has on a run.

There are two general paths that handlers usually take for a rear cross: a diagonal path and an L-shaped path.

Comparison of Handler Paths on Rear Cross

Comparison of Handler Paths on Rear Cross

In the video below, when Sarah “drives the diagonal line” on a rear cross, she puts herself in a much better position to handle the next part of the course. The snapshots of Sarah were taken at the dog’s landing point for both the diagonal path and L-shaped path.

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