January 17, 2024

January 17th, 2024 Wednesday Wrap Up (Early Take Offs, Cowboys Disappoint Again, Podcast Hits 2 Million)

Reader Mailbag
Last week, I asked the question, “How many of you are competing in trials but not actively training your dog?” I got a lot of responses, ranging from “I stopped classes for injury/covid/cost and never went back” to “I never miss training but I don’t go to trials.” Getting to your weekly training depends a lot on opportunity and convenience–if you have to drive a few hours to get to class, it’s going to be easier to stop attending, especially if your dog is doing well at trials. Thanks to everyone who emailed me!

Podcast: Early Take Offs
Our latest podcast features an in-depth discussion on early take offs (commonly known as ETO). The conversation was so engaging and informative that it extended beyond an hour, prompting us to split it into two parts for more convenient listening (the second part will be released next Tuesday). In these episodes, we explore the common signs and symptoms of early jumping, examining its short-term and long-term impacts on a dog’s performance. Additionally, we provide insights into adjusting training and handling techniques to best support your dog. For those looking to expand their understanding, Clean Run Magazine’s 2017 special issue dedicated to ETO offers a wealth of information. 🎧 CLICK HERE FOR THE PODCAST

Cowboys Disappoint Again
As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys football fan, I was deeply disappointed by the Dallas Cowboys’ 48-32 playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers. The game wasn’t even that close as the Packers led 27-0 at one point in the first half. The Cowboys, as the #2 seed in their conference and playing at home in Dallas, were heavily favored to win against the lowest-seeded Packers. The Cowboys hadn’t lost a single game at home in the last two seasons, so this loss was unexpected. For Cowboys haters, this is definitely the best time to email and kick me while I’m down.

In my opinion, the Packers came in better prepared, executing their game plan flawlessly and exploiting the weaknesses in the Cowboys’ offense and defense. At the highest levels of competition in any sport, preparation is key to success. As a dog agility competitor, I’ve always emphasized the importance of studying past course designs of judges at major events like the AKC National Agility Championship (AKC). By running these courses in advance, I gain a strong sense of what to expect, particularly in the preliminary rounds where AKC judges have shown remarkable consistency in their course design (driven by the natural limitations imposed on the judges by the event itself).

My analytic approach led to the creation of our NAC Prep Course, designed to help competitors prepare effectively for the event. We’ve seen the benefits of this preparation year after year, as course participants routinely outperform expectations (like the Packers did) and reach the podium with high frequency, in both the preferred and regular finals.

Learn more about this year’s prep course HERE: https://baddogagilityacademy.com/join-the-2024-nationals-prep-course/

PHOTO: Photo Cowboys QB Dak Prescott looking sad here. Me too, Dak, me too.

Podcast Hits 2 Million
I’m excited to highlight a remarkable milestone for the Bad Dog Agility Podcast: surpassing over 2 million downloads! Reaching over 2 million downloads is not just a number; it’s a reflection of the shared passion within our community.

YOU have been the driving force behind every episode. It’s your stories, successes, and challenges in dog agility that inspire us to keep going. Our podcast is more than just a platform for sharing tips and techniques; it’s a symbol of our love and commitment to the entire sport.

As we continue this journey, Sarah, Jennifer and I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. Your feedback, participation, and encouragement fuel our desire to keep improving and evolving. We read every email you send, and are always heartened to hear about the insights you’ve gained that have transformed your experience in the sport. Thank you for being an integral part of the Bad Dog Agility Podcast and family.

I’d love to hear how our podcast has affected your own personal journey in dog agility. Email me at team@baddogagility.com and let us know your thoughts (and suggestions for future podcast topics).

Happy Training,

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