March 15, 2016

Last Minute Premier Challenge Prep for NAC

This post will include a very quick look at 2 challenges specific to the premier class: the forced layer and the run by. We’re heading to Tulsa tomorrow for the AKC National Agility Championship and I had a sudden panic attack that one or both of these challenges would appear in the warm up premier/ISC course or challenger/finals and blindside someone who wasn’t even aware they existed. Even if you’re already on the way to Tulsa and can’t practice anymore, watching these videos will put your mind at ease because you and your dog already know how to execute the forced layer, and you can band-aid the run by at the trial.

The Forced Layer

The Run By (not ideal but will probably get you through)

Good luck to everyone in Tulsa!

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  • We had a forced layer in San Antonio with a wing jump out in the logical pinwheel flow path. How would you handle this with a big dog? My 8″ dogs did fine with it. Many big dogs did not.

  • nice…. side bar: do you find that crouching to Q a wrap helps?.. do you practice it as an overt handling q from novice on and put it in your handling system or is it a reaction/ body English that you just addin over time? .. i’m training a novice dog now and am (trying) to be careful about consistency and am wondering if you’ve had more success with lowering your body around the wrap rather then standing upright and using opposite arm / turning into dog? .. I find that I do end up crouching as a natural reaction… , like twisting your body when the bowling ball is going off course :)… but haven’t overtly consciously practiced it as a que.

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