March 1, 2023

March 1, 2023 Wednesday Wrap Up (Esteban interviews AI about dog agility)

On Last Week’s Episode…
Thank you for all the emails about commercials aired during the Super Bowl! Several readers wrote about the Clydesdales, with one reader noting that there was some pre-game controversy about tail docking and PETA involvement.

A Beardie fan emailed to point out that an agility dog made an appearance in the Steve Martin commercial that I didn’t like, so I’m going to upgrade it from “dislike” to “neutral” in my book.

I’m also adding on this Bud Light Super Bowl commercial that I missed during the game, but a reader sent to me, because it’s funny and the dog makes it even better. The two people dancing are Miles Teller and Kaleigh Sperry. Teller is one of the stars in Top Gun: Maverick (he plays Goose’s son), and he and Sperry are married in real life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Has Arrived
You may be aware that there’s an AI model out there called ChatGPT which can converse with you. It recently made the headlines because kids in high school and college have been using it to help them with homework, mostly writing papers. In fact, some Stanford students don’t even bother editing what ChatGPT spits out; they admitted to simply turning the work in as their own.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and interview ChatGPT about the great sport of dog agility.

Email me at with any questions or comments! You can interact with ChatGPT right now (for free but probably not for long) and have your own interesting conversations. Let me know how it goes!

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