May 18, 2023

May 17th, 2023 Wednesday Wrap Up (NCAA Signing Day, Graduation, Summer Vacation)

NCAA Signing Day
Signing day is a celebration of a high school student-athlete’s commitment to compete in an NCAA sport at the collegiate level. This event happens several times in an academic year at high schools all over America. Although we’ve known for some time that Isaac will play Division I water polo for Brown University, Glenda Dawson High School celebrated his signing day today!

For Isaac, signing day is the culmination of many 5 am practices, weight lifting sessions, road trips, wins, losses, injuries, and much more. The parallel to dog agility is striking, and in my mind, cements our hobby as a sport. As handlers and trainers, we also make the same sacrifices as student-athletes. Consider your goals, and tell me, what’s your dog agility signing day?

In nine days, Isaac will graduate from high school. Local readers will recall Isaac playing in the dirt (usually by himself) at the many agility trials in Crosby, McKinney, and other Texas sites. Some may remember Sarah walking the course with him on her back in a baby carrier. Sarah also ran agility while pregnant, stopping just a few weeks before he was born. He never loved dogs the way his sister does now, but he was very tolerant and traveled everywhere with us, including to events like AKC Nationals, Westminster, and the AKC Invitational. His 18 years bridge our lives from before he was born, when we were barely graduated from college and married at 23 to now, as we raise a third generation of dogs and contemplate the next phase of our lives which is right around the corner (arriving in 5 years when Hannah graduates from high school).

Alas, the old saying is true, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Summer Vacation
Isaac’s graduation marks the end of the year for the Wednesday Wrap Up. I am signing off for the summer. Good luck to everyone, stay safe and healthy, and until I see you all again this fall, happy training!

In the meantime, you can always reach me at and feel free to let me know what your agility “signing day” looks like!

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