November 28, 2022

Post-Thanksgiving Edition

I hope everyone had a great weekend with friends, family, and dogs! Honestly, dogs make up the majority of both my family and friends.

Here in the United States, 88% of Americans had some turkey on Thanksgiving Day, spending an estimated $1.1 billion on turkeys alone!

In our house, turkey takes a back seat to pie. We get most of our pies from an iconic Houston institution (especially for students at Rice University, where Sarah and I went to college): the House of Pies. I have long favored the classic pumpkin pie, but in the past few years, I have grown fond of Dutch apple as well as banana cream. Sarah prefers lemon icebox (sadly unavailable this year) and French silk. The kids don’t like pie, but they sure love whipped cream–the kind that comes out of a can.

Whipped Creme Challenge

After three consecutive years of losing on Thanksgiving Day, the Dallas Cowboys came through with a big win against the New York Giants, improving to 8-3 and sparking conversation about a possible Super Bowl run. During the losing years, the Cowboys game was the perfect time to squeeze in a post-turkey nap. Of course, here in the U.S., football is synonymous with Thanksgiving and I have the shirt to prove it:

This year, a different kind of football took over the post-Turkey weekend: soccer. The FIFA World Cup is under way and billions of fans around the world are cheering for their favorite teams. I’d like to point out that the United States doesn’t love soccer like we love football but we still destroyed England in a scintillating 0-0 tie in World Cup action this past week. Apparently, the U.S. has been upsetting England since 1776 so this result is just more of the same.

Is it called soccer or football? This YouTube video by Frito-Lay tries to answer that question.

Email me at with your favorite pie and whether you call soccer “football” or “soccer.” I’ll share the results in my next post!

Good luck to everyone heading to a trail this weekend, including USDAA Cynosport in Scottsdale, Arizona and the European Open Team Tryouts for Team USA in Latrobe, Pennsylvania!

Happy Training,

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